Dave the Gardener November 2017

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Dave has lots of top tips for your garden this November. Its expected to turn colder so there’s lots of tasks to get on top of. One of the big jobs in the garden is leaves, leaves can cause a lot of problems if you leave them on your lawn. A big pile of leaves can cause yellow patches and a fungus infection which can be a problem to resolve. You should also remove leaves from your flower beds too, these can kill off small plants. They are great for composting, they soon rot down. If you have a pond make sure you cover this with a net, leaves in the water will rot and the gas they give off can kill fish.



In the flower boarders this the last chance to put any spring bedding in. You need to clear the summer plants, its no good putting spring bedding in at the end of November, its too late. November is also the time to plant spring bulbs like daffodils and tulips, get them in.


Containers; you need to raise containers off the ground, if we have a wet winter containers can become waterlogged, this is where the water can’t get out of the bottom of the pot, you can buy ‘pot feet’ from garden centers for a few pounds. It’s a good idea to put tender plants in a sheltered area, up the side of the house is a great location, the house is warm and can help protect the plant. One of the things to do is wrap the pot in bubble wrap, this will protect the pot and roots from frost, its the roots which get killed off by frost.


If you have a veg plot which needs digging over, this is the time to do it, don’t break your back, dig it over in big clumps, there is no need to break up the soil, the weather and frost will do all the hard work.


November is the perfect time of the year to plant tress and shrubs, deciduous tress are trees which drop their leaves in the winter and then go dormant, this time of year you can buy bare root trees and shrubs from garden enters and the internet. Bare root tress can be up to half the price of container grown trees. You can plant them between November & March very successfully. If you buy them off the internet be sure to place them in a bucket of water for a few hours, just to re-hydrate them after being in the post.


Roses, prune roses back to half their size, the wind can cause route rock which can cause lots of problems.


And finally, the gardeners number one friend in the garden are the birds, the birds in your garden eat thousands of pests every day, yet in the wither months they can struggle. Think about feeding the birds, feed them with sunflower hearts, fat balls, peanuts and birdseed. Always use no mess bird seed, then you wont get any unwanted sprouting up in the garden.


See you in December! Happy gardening.


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