Loxley’s Corner 16th January 2018

Loxley’s Corner on Actual Radio – 16th January 2018
Three hours of radio dedicated to local artists, songwriters and producers.


The Blockheads – Hold Up
Amy Sinha & Jon Sudbury – Need You Here
Jim Reynolds – Better Way
Beyond Recall – Wonder
Big Big Train – Merry Christmas
Brunelle – You Are Beautiful
Fusion Feat. AJ Tracey & Big Zuu – DGMM Remix
Geraint Rhys – Give It Up
Indigo Sixteen – Bring On The Rain
Joe Dolman – Something Beautiful
Kate Ajike – All I Want Is You [The PimpseeKerz Edit]
Jeff Michaels – It’s Been A Long Time, Christmas
Adam Ferretti – Remember When
Loose Joints – Quatro Amigos
Litter Of Kings – Dictator
AD Project – Blame
Broken Eyes – No Way Out
Jhenni – Love You Now & Always
K Pits – DooMeUpADoobie (Reboot)
SJ Denney – If You Look The Other Way
Phil Agos – Love Too Slow
Kevin Wilkinson – Unknown Title
Christine Weir – The Clan MacDonald
The Significant Others – The Girl With No Name
Kevan Taplin – Winter Has Been Too Long
Harry P – Hive Mind
Natasha – Down By The Quay
Pete Brane – Try Harder
Ady Johnson – New Year’s Day
Bakerside – Stepping Closer
Colin Davies – Future Land


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