Loxley’s Corner with the Significant Others, Matt Buckle & Leon Helsby 30th January 2018

Loxley’s Corner on Actual Radio – 30th January 2018
Three hours of radio dedicated to local artists, songwriters and producers.


Loxley – Telephone
Loxley – Something Happened
K Pits – Doomeupadoobie
Beyond Recall – Wonder
Joe Dolman – Something Beautiful
Broken Eyes – No Way Out
Kevin Wilkinson – Unknown Title
The Blockheads – Hold Up
Ady Johnson – New Year’s Day
Litter Of Kings – Dictator
Adam Ferretti – Remember When
Natasha – Down By The Quay
Gavin Bowen – When You’ve Loved
Izi Phoenix – Come Live
David Quixotes Beard – Children Red Guitars
Kirstie Forkings – Still A Child
Gabriela Eva – Rise Up
Repercussionz – Solid Moon
Roisin O’hagan – Blue & Grey
Nic Norton – Broken
The Significant Others – I Don’t About You
Dojo – Gaia
When Rivers Meet – Greed
Boss Caine – The Ballad Of The Left Hand Luke And Eleanor Louise
Eddie Smith – I’ve Been Here Before



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