Loxley’s Corner with Litter of Kings 6th February 2018

Loxley’s Corner on Actual Radio – 6th February 2018
Three hours of radio dedicated to local artists, songwriters and producers.


Loxley – I Know Because
Loxley – Don’t Give It Away
Matt Selly – Fire In The Skies
Eddie Smith – Dreamer
Philip Marino – Self-made Man
Helen Connelly – Live A Lie
The Blockheads – Hold Up
S J Denny – Follow Me
Dave Sharp – Treated This Way
Jakob Deist – Here Now
Anna Marie Childs – Frost Bite
Gen Irving – We’ll Break
Jim Reynolds – The Shine From Your Sun
When Rivers Meet – Greed
John Poole & John Potts – The Inbetweeners
Colin Davies – Future Land
Hemmingway – Blow You Away
Roisin O’hagan – Blue & Grey
Let’s Be Strange – Daydream Boy
Cold California – Without You
Cakestupid – Lay With Me
Kirstie Forkings – Still A Child
David Quixotes Beard – Children Red Guitars
Mr B And The Wolf – Like An Eagle
Roisin O’Hagan – Ghost
Gabriela Eva – Rise Up
Speak Brother – Magnesium Burn
Repercussionz – Solid Moon
Pete Brane – Try Harder
Dojo – Gaia
B D Gottfried – Blame It On The Money



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