Loxley’s Corner with Richie Woodstock Bennett

Loxley’s Corner on Actual Radio with Richie Woodstock Bennett – 20th March 2018

Three hours of radio dedicated to local artists, songwriters and producers.


Loxley – Better Keep You Well
Loxley – Telephone (Tymtyn)
E’spaniel – Talking Shop Mast
BaVard – Young And Restless
Gentlemen Jackals – Heathens + Broken Hymns
Reverie – Walk On
Katalina Kicks – Waterfall
Jane Thomset – A Day Late
Marcus Reeves – Spotlight
Pinning For Sunshine – So Little Time
The King’s Parade,woman (Single)
South Hours – Bruise
Rob Palladino Let The Rain Fall
When Rivers Meet – Papered Trust
Scott Swain – It’s Too Late
Shïan And The Genre18 – Union
Jay Ebby East – Shes Alive With Magic
Van Rockman – I’ll See You In My Dreams
Michael P Cullen – Do You Believe
Michael Kilbey – I Was Waiting
Bugeye – I’m Not The One
Banco – Railroad Man
Megan Henwood – Chemicals
Helen Connelly,(Not) Easy To Love
Inside Out Trio – Landslide
Hemmingway – Blow You Away
John Fairhurst – Black Cat
Ethan Ash – Twenty
Loxley – Something Happend Lox British
Polly Haynes – Crazy Today

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