Loxley’s Corner with Rob Palladino, Baz The Axeman & Senzen

Loxley’s Corner on Actual Radio with Rob Palladino, Baz The Axeman & Senzen – 26th June 2018

Three hours of radio dedicated to local artists, songwriters and producers.


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Loxley – Crunch Time
Silver Bayonets – Storms Inside
24 Club – Tell Me What You Want
Jim Reynolds – Bed Of Nails
BaVARD – Young & Restless
Elly Tree – What She Wanted
Fick As Fieves – Grass Is Greener
Jimmy Lee Morris – Bigger Sky
Dave Brewster – Martha
King Of The Slums – Crow Syndrome
Gathering of Strangers – Nice Hair
Dirty Sister – Middle Class Busker
Family Jools – Sister
CeCe Hemmimgs – Fluid Like Water
A Winter Project – Beautiful Thing
Katalina Kicks – Waterfall
CityLightz – Don’t Know Me
Tony Goff & The Broken Colours – Duel
For The Girl – Wouldn’t You Like To Know
Fielding Dream Correction – No Signal
The Comstocks – London Pleasures
Paul Gillings, Neil Challis – Blue Collar Factory Blues
The Piqued Jacks – Wildly Shine
Silver Bayonets – Fake
Teddy Matthews – Tired Little Eyes
The Herron Brothers – Stuck In The Sun
Alan Dreezer – Now
Dom Clark Trio – Old Soldiers


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