Running Colchester Interview with Simon Baldock

Colchester has a very good claim at being one of the fittest towns in the country. There are cycling clubs and a number of gyms but it seems that running is the pastime that many residents like to take part in. With around 20 running clubs in the town you can understand why.


Running Colchester

Running Colchester


Actual Radio’s Simon Baldock met up with Venessa Moffat, Lucy West and Dave Wignall who are all members of ‘Running Colchester’. Simon finds out more about Running Colchester and what it takes to have a “runners body”.



Simon starts by asking Venessa why she first took up the sport and also has a cheeky look in her fridge to find out what a runners diet consists of. We find out that Lucy and Dave have been running for approximately three years yet started for very different reasons.



Simon finds out about the social side of Running Colchester, with 1,900 members there are always things going on aside from running.


Running Colchester has 1,900 members on their Facebook group, click here to find our more and maybe even join in with some of the members on a run around Colchester.


The Running Colchester Interview will be broadcast in full on Wednesday 4th October 2017 at 6:35 on Actual Radio.


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