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Local Radio for Essex

Listen Live wherever you are in Essex to Actual Radio on your mobile, tablet and on your desktop, it's easy. Listen on our website, via the 'TuneIn' App or click on Listen above to see other ways to tune in.

Actual Radio Breakfast

Waking up Essex it's Pete Chapman with Actual Radio Breakfast, weekdays from 7am. Start your day the best way with the Greatest Hits of All Time for Essex and Pete's incredible statistic.

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Saturday & Sunday Soul

Love your soul music? Join Lawrence Ladbrook with the Greatest Soul of All Time Saturday & Sunday evenings 7pm-10pm.

Love the 80's?

We've got 3 hours of the very best 80's tracks, taking you way back to the decade... it's 80's Sunday 10am-1pm.

Actual Radio Store

So you'd like to own your very own Actual Radio Mug or Actual Radio Polo Top... Of course you do! You'll find them along with a whole load of other goodies in the Actual Radio Store. Your purchases help us maintain our great radio station.